History & Now

Last Son of Eve as a band was formed in 2018 by Steef Broekhof (lead vocals &  drums), Erik van der Vlis (guitars) and Erik Besselsen (bass guitar). Earlier singles such as Vanity (2015) and Tower (2017) -under the same name- were part of an initial solo project of Steef Broekhof (FKA Steve Brooke). Along the writing  process Steef wanted to form a solid band to get the concept of his fantasy story (Bodec- The Tamed Revenge) to the stage so he recruited Besselsen and longtime friend Van der Vlis. As the herald for LSOE's maiden album Gathering Stones (later in 2021)  the  single The North is Burning was released as the first band effort in the late summer of 2018. With this song the stage was set for the band's rock based melodic sound combined with a proggy twist. Despite some gigging here and there it took another three years before completing the band's debut concept album Gathering Stones. Right in the middle of the pandemic crisis, with zero chance to promote this work live, the eight song concept album yielded a lot of praise by the (prog)rock *mags and radio stations around the globe. Like many bands during the crisis LSOE released a  quarantine video of the song Oguani's Hope to support the album. Not long after the release of Gathering Stones bass player Erik Besselsen left the band to focus on his work as a producer. With his departure Steef and Erik realized that it would a hard bargain to find a replacement to continue as a power trio.


After quite some time of numerous auditions, replacements were found in Gerard van der Geer (bass / pedals) and keyboardist Martijn Versluis. The band moved to the heartland of The Netherlands to build their own rehearsal studio before working on new material. Nowadays LSOE is writing and composing new songs. With the two new ones around, the sound and the writing process have changed what can be heard on the single Vertigo (2023).  A grander sound with even more prog influence ushers in a new era for LSOE. Like all previous singles LSOE has chosen for a video and streaming release only. The band is looking forward to finally take it to the stage and working on their second album (date not set)


Last Son of Eve :

Erik van der Vlis: Guitars

Martijn Versluis: Keyboards

Steef Broekhof: Lead Vocals/ Drums

Gerard van der Geer: Bass Guitar/ Pedals


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